2018-2019 VYPE San Antonio Private School Girls Soccer Team

The 2018-2019 high school soccer season has wrapped. Check out the San Antonio TAPPS girls players that made this year’s all-VYPE private school team.

First-Team All-VYPE:

Kamryn Salsedo (Antonian College Preparatory)

Hunter Hoelscher (San Antonio Saint Mary’s Hall)

Katelyn Davis (Geneva School of Boerne)

Carissa Boeckmann (Antonian College Preparatory)

Amber Teague (San Antonio Christian School)

Audrey Davis (Geneva School of Boerne)

Mattie Carter (San Antonio Christian School)

Karley Roberts (Antonian College Preparatory)

Audrey Burchett (San Antonio Christian School)

Juliette Wyatt (San Antonio Christian School)

MacKenzie Fitzgerald (Geneva School of Boerne)

Second-Team All-VYPE:

Brooke Spencer (San Antonio Christian School)

Anna Hinkle (San Antonio Christian School)

Kendall Wineinger (New Braunfels Christian Academy)

Trianne Cooper (San Antonio Saint Mary’s Hall)

Camarin Wengler (San Antonio Christian School)

Lana Harrison (Geneva School of Boerne)

Samantha Doran (Geneva School of Boerne)

Elise Valdez (Geneva School of Boerne)

Georgia Kemmett (San Antonio Saint Mary’s Hall)

Alaina Gilbert (Antonian College Preparatory)

Annalisa Culpepper (New Braunfels Christian Academy)

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