2019 VYPE San Antonio Private School Baseball Team

The 2019 high school baseball season has wrapped. Check out the San Antonio area TAPPS players that made this year’s all-VYPE private school team.

First-Team All-VYPE:

Brandon Andrews (New Braunfels Christian Academy)

Brett Nicholas (New Braunfels Christian Academy)

Kaden Fikac (Hallettsville Sacred Heart Catholic School)

Samuel Brown (Hallettsville Sacred Heart Catholic School)

Dalton Jahn (Shiner St. Paul)

Zakery Johnson (Shiner St. Paul)

Brady Boyle (Antonian College Preparatory)

Kyte McDonald (Antonian College Preparatory)

Dylan Bright (San Antonio Christian School)

Zachary Addkison (TMI Episcopal)

Calvin Marks (San Antonio Central Catholic)

Second-Team All-VYPE:

Aidan Cantu (Bracken Christian School)

Lucas McCrum (Bracken Christian School)

Dalton Janysek (New Braunfels Christian Academy)

Austin Davis (Shiner St. Paul)

Trenton Reynolds (Antonian College Preparatory)

Jacob Nicoll (San Antonio Christian School)

Luke Terry (TMI Episcopal)

Travis Wolf (Bracken Christian School)

Luke Markey (San Antonio Central Catholic)

Matthew Scannell (San Antonio Saint Mary’s Hall)

Calvin Kowalik Jr. (Schertz St. John Paul II Catholic)

All-VYPE Honorable Mention:

Luke Thompson (New Braunfels Christian Academy)

Austin Kraatz (Hallettsville Sacred Heart Catholic School)

Luke Darilek (Shiner St. Paul)

Brandon Beckel (Antonian College Preparatory)

Michael Boeke (Antonian College Preparatory)

Orion Gomez (Antonian College Preparatory)

Will Glover (San Antonio Christian School)

Nicolas Paul Planchet (TMI Episcopal)

Ty Wolf (Bracken Christian School)

Easton Myrick (Geneva School of Boerne)

William Slanina-Wertz (Schertz St. John Paul II Catholic)

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