VYPE’s #411 – Silsbee’s Arline is future of Tiger program

Silsbee had a run to the Regional Finals this year and carrying his share of the load was sophomore Antonius Arline.

The sophomore running back was named the District Newcomer of the Year on Offense coming out of the backfield.

So, what will he do for an encore as a junior to lead the Tigers to the next step – a state title?

VYPE caught up with the running back in our #411 feature.

VYPE: Who has been your biggest influence in your sporting life? And why?

ARLINE: My mom because I don’t want to see her struggle.

VYPE: What has been your greatest high school memory so far?

ARLINE: Going five rounds with my team this season.

VYPE: What’s your biggest strength? Or What do You Bring to Your Team?

ARLINE: My biggest strength is playing my role and doing what the team needs.

VYPE: What do you see yourself doing in five years?

ARLINE: In five years, I see myself in college playing football.

VYPE: What advice would you give a younger athlete starting his/her high school career?

ARLINE: Always work hard. What’s meant to be will happen.


VYPE: What do you do outside of sports?

ARLINE: Chilling with a few teammates and family.

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