SeTX Coaches Corner: West Brook’s Ramona Locke

Ramona Locke is coming home.  The 1989 Hardin Jefferson graduate has been fine tuning her coaching skills over the past two decades and now she is back to make a difference where it all started.

“Southeast Texas is a special place for me,” said Locke. 

Growing up here, this community is part of my life, It’s always been a goal of mine to come back to southeast Texas to coach basketball.”

Although basketball is her sweet spot, Locke played guard for Lamar U during the early nineties, she has coached multiple sports including cross country, tennis, and tennis.

“If you want to be a coach you have to be able to embrace competition,” said Locke.

“Basketball was my ticket to an education but coaching is my passion.  Coaching kids fundamentals and most importantly coaching and teaching about competition is what it’s all about.  

Another layer to her coaching experience is Locke has coached both male and females.  Locke was boys and girls tennis coach at Houston’s Dekaney High School prior to coming to West Brook.  She also coached boys cross country at Ozen previous to Dekaney.

“There is definitely a difference is how to handle both groups,” said Locke.  

“The girls tend to complain a little bit more than the boys when it comes to workouts,” Locke said with a bit of humor.

“But girls are a little better when it comes to listening.  But overall they are both great to coach.  With coaches we’re about intensity and promoting competition.  We are here to make athletes better, to give them confidence.”

Locke will have the opportunity of coaching her daughter this fall with the Lady Bruins.  Locke will channel back to her childhood where her mother coached her in basketball.

“My mother was the best coach I ever had growing up,” said Locke.

“She was tough, but she taught me how to be competitive on the basketball court and how to prepare.  

Im excited to have the opportunity to coach my daughter now.  Its not going to be easy for her, Im going to treat her like everyone else, hard.”

Locke will have a challenge coming into the 2019 fall season as West Brook is coming off a down season with no playoff appearance.  However the Lady Bruins are historically sound in girls hoops and traditionally produce collegiate talent.

“Im excited for our season.  We are going to be tough defensively and disciplined on offense.  Our team is going to surprise a lot of people.  It’s not going to be easy, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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