El Paso Baseball Round Up

May 7, 2019

Here is a little run through update of what has been going on out in El Paso as playoff baseball heats up across the state! Headlines from across the city giving all baseball fans a quick update on what is going on!

Bel Air Highlanders beats Canutillo Eagles

Thursday, the Bel Air Highlanders hosted the Canutillo Eagles for a varsity face-off. The Bel Air Highlanders walked away with a win, beating the Canutillo Eagles soundly, 12-0. The win brought Bel Air’s record to 16-13-3, while Canutillo’s record fell to 19-11.

Ysleta Indians cruise past the Bowie Bears

Thursday also saw the Bowie Bears fall to the Ysleta Indians by a score of 2-10 at home. The loss brought Bowie’s record to 16-10, while Ysleta’s record rose to 20-8.

Andress Eagles overwhelmed by Horizon Scorpions

Friday saw the Horizon Scorpions out-hustle the Andress Eagles by a score of 7-3 at home. The win brought Horizon’s record to 26-8, while Andress’ record fell to 17-15.

Canutillo Eagles outmatched by Bel Air Highlanders

Friday, the Bel Air Highlanders traveled to Canutillo to face off against the Canutillo Eagles. It was worth the trip: the Highlanders cinched a 10-7 victory. The loss brought Canutillo’s record to 19-12, while Bel Air’s record rose to 17-13-3.

Americas Trail Blazers edges out Frenship Tigers

On Friday, the Americas Trail Blazers clashed with Wolfforth’s Frenship Tigers at home. The Americas Trail Blazers snuck past the Frenship Tigers to claim a 6-5 success. The win brought Americas’ record to 13-13-1, while Frenship’s record fell to 14-10.

Ysleta Indians cruises past Bowie Bears

On Friday, May 3, the Ysleta Indians and hosted the Bowie Bears at home. Ysleta’s home team advantage paid off: they walked away with a 14-0 victory. The win brought Ysleta’s record to 21-8, while Bowie’s record fell to 16-11.

Frenship Tigers edges out Americas Trail Blazers

On Saturday, May 4, the Wolfforth Frenship Tigers traveled to El Paso to face off against the Americas Trail Blazers. It was worth the trip: the Tigers cinched a 4-3 victory. The loss brought Americas’ record to 13-15-1, while Frenship’s record rose to 16-10.

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