VYPE’s #411: Parkland’s Lujan-Marrufo makes competition fun

Angelina Lujan-Marrufo doesn’t take herself too seriously.

The Parkland long-distance runner had a big track season and recently won the 800-meters in the Class 5A Region I meet. Her infectious personality makes her a great teammate.

The sophomore is also ferociously competitive. She dominated her district in the 400 and 800-meters and is a team leader on her cross-country team.

VYPE caught up with the speedster in our #411 feature.

VYPE:  Who has been your biggest influence in your sporting life? And why?

LUJAN-MARRUFO: My biggest influence has been my family. They have always made an effort to see me run and they motivate me in the best ways possible.

VYPE:  What has been your greatest high school memory so far?

LUJAN-MARRUFO: My greatest high school memory would be going out to eat with teammates from cross-country and track. We always have fun with each other and love each other as family.

VYPE:  What’s your biggest strength? Or what do you bring to your team?

LUJAN-MARRUFO: Something I bring to my team is happiness. I hate to see any of them feeling down or just not feeling the best. I do my best to lift them up. I do embarrassing things such as singing or dancing to Put a smile on their faces.

VYPE:  What do you see yourself doing in five years?

LUJAN-MARRUFO: In five years, I would like to be running for a college and hopefully professionally. I want to have a successful future. In order to get what I want, I have to work hard to get there and it starts now.

VYPE:  What advice would you give a younger athlete starting his/her high school career?

LUJAN-MARRUFO: I would tell a younger athlete to NEVER give up and to always show good sportsmanship. Everyone has their bad and good days, but nothing should every bring you down from doing what you want to do. Every athlete should follow their dreams even if it’s a crazy dream. Always believe in yourself and no matter if you come first or last, always stay humble and congratulate your competitors.

VYPE:  What do you do outside of sports?

LUJAN-MARRUFO: I spend time with my family. They always show love towards me and it’s a real heart-warming thing to have dinner with them.

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